Check URL Availability

Whether you want to start a new online business or create an original blog, you’ll have to register a domain name, which is the name people type in the browser to find your Web site. In straightforward terms, it’s the online address for your Web site, the place people will go to find your business online.

Every computer on the Internet is given a series of numbers called an IP address, for example,, but this would be very hard to remember. No one would ever be able to retain their favorite Web sites that way or be able to get back to them again. Domain names fixed this problem. Domain names can include numbers and letters, but it’s better to stick with notes as they are easier to remember. Businesses often create addresses for their Web site to help brand their products or services.

It’s essential to register a domain name as soon as you come up with the idea. This is because thousands of .com domain names are registered every day. Right now, there are more than 140 million registered. Even if you come up with a tremendous and creative expression, there’s a perfect chance someone else has already taken it.

Even if all you have is a name, it is a good idea to register that domain as soon as you have the idea. Your next step should be to check to see if the name is taken. This is as simple as an Internet search. An excellent place to start is on or

If your name is available, go ahead and register it. Typically a .com domain costs about $14.99 a year, but different extensions can make them more expensive. The .com domains are best for businesses because people will more easily remember them, making it much more likely they’ll visit your Web site.

A Web site isn’t needed to register a domain name. Register the word now, and then build your site later. You can also put a temporary location or a coming soon page. Some businessmen see domain names as “digital real estate” and purchase them to sell to other entrepreneurs for a profit.

While it’s important not to overthink your domain name, it is vital to think about it critically, as domain names can brand your business for you. Make sure people can pronounce and, most importantly, spell your domain name. Keep it as short as possible. As mentioned earlier, stick with a .com domain name. Try to stay away from numbers or hyphens in your domain name, as it makes it harder to remember and pronounce.

If you don’t have a Web site, one of the best places to register your domain name is Just visit the Web site, and search for the domain name you’ve picked out. If it’s available, decide which options and add-ons you want and then purchase it. will send a link through email to your control panel. Other ways to register your domain name include GoDaddy and Bluehost. Bluehost offers free domain name for the first year. All of these work well with WordPress and provide an easy installation.

Specific names create businesses’ images in our minds, and a domain name can do the same for your new online venture or blog.

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